Stihl KG 550 Sweeper

Stihl KG 550 Sweeper

This is the entry-level push sweeper in the Stihl range and designed with the occasional user in mind. Perfect for cleaning up smooth or uneven surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, or pavers around your home so you can keep it super clean with ease.

The sweeper is lightweight and easy to handle/maneuver around the yard helping you complete those sweeping jobs up to 6x faster than using a traditional broom. The unit features a generous 25L easy access bin that allows collects the debris which you can then easily empty.

The sweeper uses the two outside brushes to help it collect larger objects and also allows for the unit to sweep close to the curbs, edges and walls. The fully adjustable height also allows for the machine to be suitable for different surfaces and further adjustment as it wears a little lower.

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