Prime Jet 240 – Shallow well and Deep well


A rugged single stage jet assisted pump, the Prime Jet is fitted with a pressure switch and suitable for bores or deep wells up to 50m. A solid cast iron casing with a cast bronze impeller ensures long term protection against vermin, dust and water, and is convertible to either shallow or deep well options through the use of injector kits.
Ideal for supplying high pressure water for:-
• Water supply from dams, creeks, rivers and bores
• Tank filling
• Stock watering
• Sprinkler supply



The Prime Jet system with pressure switch is driven by single or three phase TEFC motors, and ideal for supplying high pressure water to garden sprinklers, stock watering or washdown applications. These pumps are less prone to blockage than other multistage pumps.

Models in the range:

  • Prime Jet 240/48501 – 240V, 2.5kW
  • Prime Jet 240/48503 – 415V, 2.3kW

WHY CHOOSE THE Davey Prime Jet 240 Shallow & Deep Well Pumps?
Single stage (one impeller) convertible jet assisted centrifugal pump
• Simple design
• Less prone to blockage than multistage pumps
Solid cast iron casing with cast bronze impeller
• Robust construction for long life
Pressure switch fitted and pressure gauge supplied
• Ease of installation
In-built thermal overload protection with automatic reset in 1Ø model
• Provides motor protection against low voltage and/or high ambient temperatures
High TEFC – IP rating
• Long term protection against vermin, dust and water
Convertible to shallow or deep well options by choice of either shallow well or deep well injector kits
• Versatile, suitable for many applications
Deep well models come with automatic demand response (ADR) valve
• Maintains jet drive pressure
• Helps prevents loss of prime