FSA 135 Grass Cutting Blade 26-2 Skin

FSA 135 Grass Cutting Blade 26-2 Skin

Thanks to the powerful EC motor and the wide range of STIHL cutting tools that you can use with this brushcutter, the FSA 135 brushcutter offers ideal conditions for maintaining greenery and mowing grass and scrub. You can use the ergonomic control handle of the scythe to regulate the speed continuously . In order to work as efficiently as possible, you have the option of setting three speed levels at which you work in an energy-saving manner. The energy-saving mode is indicated by an LED. An air filter with a metal grille ensures a long service life because the engine is optimally cooled. In addition, this air filter is easy to clean. Due to the low noise emissions, you can also work in noise-sensitive areas . The device housing of the FSA 135 is prepared for the STIHL Smart Connector 2 A.

All cordless tools within the STIHL AP system are designed for professional users and for daily use even under adverse weather conditions. Therefore, they have a tested splash protection. The effectiveness is proven by demanding internal tests. The splash water test is based, among other things, on the IPX4 standard.


If you, as a professional in gardening and landscape maintenance or as a municipal company, want to maintain greenery in noise-sensitive areas, the FSA 135 cordless brushcutter is the right choice. With its ergonomic two-hand grip (cutter handle) you can mow larger lawns comfortably and effectively.


Standard features

  • EC-MotorZoom

    With the EC-Motor it is possible to get 55% more power from the battery. In addition to this the motor conserves battery energy and extends the lifetime up to 70%. The motor is very light, compact and has very low wear characteristics.

  • Ergonomic control handle with speed controlZoom
    Ergonomic control handle with speed control

    Entirely in line with your needs, its speed can be adjusted to three levels using the ergonomic control handle with LED display. This allows for energy-efficient work and a long battery life.

  • Metal mesh air filter Zoom
    Metal mesh air filter

    An easy-to-clean metal mesh air filter ensures long service life and optimum engine cooling.

  • Robust bike handlebar Zoom
    Robust bike handlebar

    Robust bike handlebar with attachment bar for shoulder harness


    Technical data

    Technical data Value
    Rated voltage V 36
    Weight kg 1) 4.9
    Sound power level dB(A) 2) 92
    Sound pressure level dB(A) 2) 80
    Total length cm 3) 1.880
    Cutting diameter mm 420

    1) Weight excluding battery, with cutting tool and guard
    2) K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
    3) Without tools