BGA 60 – skin only

BGA 60 - skin only

Perfect for domestic users with larger gardens, the BGA 60 battery leaf blower from STIHL is an excellent tool for clearing leaves, grass, dirt, and other debris.

The BGA 60 is low weight and well balanced for comfortable use. It features variable blow force regulation and boost mode for larger or more stubborn debris. The blower tube is easily adjustable and features a new metal ring at the base of the nozzle to help protect it from wear.

The powerful and efficient EC motor provides 60% more blowing force than the BGA 57. Despite its power, the BGA 60 operates so quietly that ear protection is not required, making it suitable for residential and noise-sensitive areas.

The BGA 60 is compatible with the STIHL AK Battery System, for optimum performance STIHL recommend pairing with the AK 30 battery (sold separately).

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Standard features

  • Adjustable blower tube length Zoom
    Adjustable blower tube length

    Reduces loss of performance. You can adapt the blower tube to the user’s height. This means that you avoid unnecessary performance loss due to working too far from the ground, and also enjoy very comfortable work..

  • Boost FunctionZoom
    Boost Function

    Quickly switch to maximum blowing force. Extra pressure on the trigger switch of your STIHL blower immediately activates maximum blowing force. This happens regardless of the pre-selected power level and without having to change your grip position.

  • Metal Ring Around The NozzleZoom
    Metal Ring Around The Nozzle

    Protects against wear. A sturdy metal ring around the nozzle prevents the blower tube from wearing out on contact with the ground or obstacles.

  • EC MotorZoom
    EC Motor

    The STIHL EC motor is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly and generates very low vibrations, which ensures you and your machine can work comfortably for prolonged periods of time.

  • Storage HoleZoom
    Storage Hole

    Located in the handle frame you will find a slot used for storing the Grass Trimmer safely onto a wall after use.


Technical data

Technical data Value
Maximum air flow cf/min 1) 558
Rated voltage V 36
Blowing force N 2) 15
Max. air speed m/s 69
Max. air throughput m³/h 3) 780
Airflow rate cf/min 459
Sound pressure level dB(A) 4) 76
Sound power level dB(A) 4) 89
Vibration level right m/s² 5) 1.2
Battery run time with AK 20 min 6) up to 13
Battery run time with AK 30 min 6) up to 16